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Paper Card Use

Edit:Dongguan Mingyi Printing Co.,Ltd      Date:May 06, 2016

Paper cards are widely used, mobile phone recharge cards paper is a very good one. Common market of mobile phone recharge cards in addition to providing a password, the plastic card itself useless, prepaid card users and very much common mobile phone recharge cards are plastic, not degrade user casually throw it afterwards, would cause big environmental problems. In contrast, paper card no pollution, is a green card. National calling card, card a staggering number, those made from PVC plastic cards that cannot be explained to society brought a large number of "years." To curb disposable waste staggering growth rate, some cards from the angle of environmental protection alternative measures. This paper cards instead of plastic cards, hundreds of millions of monthly prepaid card waste polluting the environment will be greatly improved. Also, paper cards are more secure and avoid shaving card, password theft and the use of the term is unknown, and so on. "Green card" also purchased and out time cards, for verification, does not buy counterfeit cards, and the par value does not match the card, and so on.

Paper cards of mobile phone recharge cards recharge completely green. Green top-safe and convenient. From the outside, the "green card" and a bank card password received letters, seals in the middle of the grid paper, ripping can be seen after a bunch of passwords, passwords with the Tin on a plastic card and without discrimination. In addition, the "green card" printed out and out time cards on top, for verification, some shops may even print out 500 recharge of denomination.

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