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Paper bag use, don't lose it!

Edit: Dongguan Mingyi Printing Co.,Ltd    Date:May 06, 2016

After shopping, after the gifts, increasing number of paper bags. Paper bag tadpole quite strong, there may be other uses, of which there are many well-designed brand bag, threw a real pity. So, then use the paper bag, and bring their waste heat, is the reason why you need a paper bag.

First carry hand bag with scissors. Can be produced according to think the box size (height), adjust the cutting position.

Paper bag needs to fold inward, so it can be folded figure of 10 percent.

Along the line, fold inward.

When fully folded, is such a feeling. Strong box, so many scenes you can use at home.

According to the purpose, you can do the same size. After folding, and well built. Pattern nice, small containers can be used as decorative ... ....

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