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Edit: Dongguan Mingyi Printing Co.,Ltd    Date:May 06, 2016

2012 mobile bag design different, choose Paste mobile bag is a very old manual industry. But for efficiency, savings in manpower and costs, usually by machine processing. Today is divided into ordinary paper bags bags and exquisite shopping bag, two. This is the 2011 edition Mobile bags. So these two kinds of bags: what are the methods? huayang introduction.

Ordinary paper bags of goods, mainly using rotary printing machines to complete production of the paper bag. The production method of high efficiency, but its shortcomings are also obvious, is the rough does not elaborate the paper bag. And exquisite shopping bag, is a single piece of paper, and then print in color, then after the PP film lamination or bronzing. Finally, paper bag works for manual or semi-automatic machines, usually by artificial DrawString, knotted as a carrying handle, and then complete the paper bag production. The advantages of this shopping bag is: any paper can be made into a paper bag. But this production, production efficiency is low. This type of paper bags, and more for some noble packaging, gift bags. As advertising or commercial activity. Exquisite beautiful hand bag has become the ladies shopping convenience shopping bags.

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